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Viral Reviews By Louis Spencer JR |

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of sheer joy this programmed creation has brought me!

First off: the Mattel website listed in the manual returned a 404 for me, so I’m not sure what firmware and other updates may be available in time, so my review is for Blue right out of the box.

She takes around 35 minutes to charge, and you get around 50 minutes of play time out of her when fully charged. The remote control is charged via a port on the side of the remote, connected to an included white USB wire that plus into your computer. The robot itself is charged via an included AC wall adapter that connects to a port under her tail. This port is covered by a panel which requires a small screwdriver (*NOT* included) to open and close, so you’ll want to ensure you have one on-hand. Apparently updates are handled by connecting the mini USB port in her under-tail panel to the computer as well. This wire is *extremely* short though, and I would recommend Mattel consider lengthening it, else you will have to get “creative” on attaching your favorite dinosaur to your PC for updates.

To turn her on, you must toggle a switch under the raptor’s chest as well as on the controller to sync them. The process is quick and easy, but the training itself is no quick feat! While she has four modes, the Training one is by far my favorite.

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While the manual has a lot of instructions, the training process has a lot of nuance and trail and error involved as you work to “tame” Blue. She starts out hostile, and as you get her to do the first rank of tricks, you will want to ensure you “reward” her by feeding her or petting her after each correctly executed comment. Doing so achieves positive reinforcement, and in time, it helps you move up the ranks and level her up so she’s more obedient.

Doing a move incorrectly will result in the controller vibrating and displaying red flashing lights on the left hand side of the controller, whereas doing a move correctly will result in a series of vibrations and green flashing lights. When she “levels up,” the controller will also buzz rapidly and Blue will make a series of joyous sounds at the occasion: it’s truly a sight to behold.

Getting from hostile to tame took me around 6-7 hours of playtime, and it could be a bit frustrating at times because some of the movements need to be quite exaggerated for her to understand what you’re trying to get her to do. All-in-all though, she’s an absolutely fantastic piece of programming for indoor play, and the sounds, movements, and “personality” programmed into her is just astounding.

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I suspect I’ll be back to add further updates to this review, but in the meantime: if you’ve always dreamed of befriending an animatronic velociraptor: this is your moment, and there’s no better time to be alive.

You can follow some of my video exploits with #RaptorTraining on Twitter as well. 🙂

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