Squirrel Buster Plus 6″x6″x28″ Review

Viral Reviews By Louis Spencer JR |

So when I first purchased the Brome feeder a couple of weeks ago, I posted the below comparison between this Brome feeder and the Yankee Droll feeder.

I have to say that this is better than the Yankee droll feeder. The fact that I do not need to ever charge a battery is a huge plus. Also, because it is 100% squirrel proof (squirrels cannot get any seeds loose like with the Yankee) keeps the seeds in the feeder longer, and therefore I do not need to replenish as often as only the birds get them. My comparison below is still true, but I have to say I prefer this feeder hands down. I highly recommend it!



I have both bird feeders and I love them both. I’ve had the Yankees flipper for 6 years now, it is still working and I only had to change the battery once. About the same price as this Brome feeder. My husband and I wanted another squirrel proof bird feeder to hang on our oak tree. This is when I stumbled upon this bird feeder and due to all the great reviews I decided to give it a try. Both bird feeders work great, and these are the ONLY squirrel proof bird feeders on the market that actually do work, so here are the differences:
The Brome does not require a rechargeable battery, the Yankees does.


The Brome is not as entertaining to watch the squirrels as the squirrels cannot get to the holes where the seeds are. The Yankees allows the squirrel to get there just so it can flip them and throw them off the feeder, thus an entertainment to humans. I’m not mean to squirrels, I do feed them cracked corn, but it is funny to watch them spin a few times and get thrown from the bird feeder. They do manage to get seeds thrown on the ground due to the flip action, and some brave squirrels actually will flip several times just so they can get some seeds, but they do give up after a while.

The Brome has 6 holes, the Yankees has 4. The part I do not like about having 6 holes is that 2 are in the back where I can’t see the birds which 33% of the holes while the Yankees have 4 of which only 1 is in the back which represents 25% of the holes. So you get to see more of the bird with the Yankee. The Brome has a dome shape which protects the seeds from getting wet from the rain, the Yankee does not, but the seeds don’t get very wet.


Bigger birds such as pigeons got to eat sideways with the Brome as the dome is in their way. I like all birds so my setting is set to allow all size birds but not the weight of the squirrel. With the Yankee there is nothing to set, it will allow 1 pigeon, but 2 are too heavy. All in all, both these bird feeders are awesome, and worth the money. I only had the Brome for 2 days and the Yankee for 6 years and still going, so hopefully the Brome will last as long. It is well built so I expect it to. You won’t be sorry buying either one, just read the differences and decide which one is better for you.

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